Have an idea? Brilliant.

Since the beginning of Pipo, we're open to new ideas. Now, we want to be more than open. We want to bring your idea to real life. Let's build together, market together, change together.

If you're a hacker, designer or from related field, we want to listen to your idea, provide you feedback on how this idea can be made better, reaches to mass and how it can be monetized. If you don't have enough resources to build that idea, we can provide help in return of ownership of some shares.

If we both agree, we will take responsibility during building this software and raising fund for it. You should be ready to start your own company, we're not going to support on/off entrepreneurship tests. You should also be ready to work on this company for a few sweaty hard years.

You need a clear path to revenue and a vision for the future. Also, we're not going to support "idea guy"s or "wannabe entrepreneur"s.

Think it's fair?

Tell us your idea.

Contact us

You can reach us via phone, email or you can come to our office in Kadikoy, Istanbul.

Yavuzturk Sk. No: 8/B Kadıköy/İstanbul